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«Black Roses & Hats is my first record as a singer-songwriter. It contains 10 songs hanging in the unsteady balance between the darkness and the light and the past and the future. While the meaning of life can just come and approach the light at the tremendous crossroad called the present.

Who am I?
Who was I?
What do I want to be?

I cannot say I have an answer. I can sing, play guitar and piano, but for sure I can play the fool».


Black Roses & Hats” brings Christian Draghi back to his first musical background, at the times he figured out about his passion by listening to the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Jethro Tull, Eric Clapton, lots of folk, blues and a good bunch of songwriters. In “Black Roses & Hats” Draghi gives birth to ten fresh songs with a 60s and 70s vintage soul. He cooked you an intense mixture of different emotional moments. Every song’s like a dish melting different ingredients together. There are some Beatle-like harmonies crossbred with some Jethro Tull taste. Early Bowie’s flavours mixed with a bit of Dylan’s storytelling. Lennon’s exile in Dakota Building comes after a soup made by pouring Clapton cream and bluesy vinegar. On the chef’s table you won’t miss a taste of crispy grunge cookies with psychedelic seasoning. On top, some groovy riffs and guitar solos in which Draghi bursts out his 70s rocker attitude. All of this is kept together by melodies characterised by the author’s personal voice timbre. A new life, a new path, with an old fashioned soul.

Black Roses & Hats has been recorded between may and august 2018 at Ultrasoundrecord Studio in Belgioioso, Pavia. All the songs are written and arranged by Christian Draghi, with the help of the producer Riccardo Maccabruni, which is salso keyboard player on the record.

Musicians who worked on “Black Roses & Hats”

The “Winetellers” Band

Christian Draghi: guitars, piano and vocals
Riccardo Maccabruni: keyboard, piano, hammond organ
Roberto Re: bass
Stefano Bertolotti: drums

Additional musicians

Adriano Cancro: cello
Alessandro Dallera: drums
Chiara Giacobbe: violin
Paolo “Blind Buddy Blues” Leandri: harp
Claudio Perelli: clarinetto
Marco Rovino: guitars
Andres Villani: sax

“The Other Side of Me” 
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